Fauquier SPCA

Susan began donating her time and skills to Fauquier SPCA in 2011 to photograph the dogs and cats in their facility. Statistics overwhelming show that good photographs increase a pet’s chances of adoption and decrease the amount of time they spend in the shelter. In the first three months of Susan’s work with Fauquier SPCA, adoption rates increased by 20% over the same period in the previous year. Black dogs and cats in particular benefit from a good photograph because their personalities can be highlighted and viewers are less likely to think the animal is mean or aggressive. Susan, herself, has adopted dogs and cats from Fauquier SPCA and can’t recommend the facility more highly. It is clean, the animals well cared for and the employees are top notch. It is located in Casanova, Va, just outside of Warrenton. If you are thinking about a new pet, please head on down to Fauquier SPCA and see what’s available. I guarantee you’ll be pleased.

Here are some photos of lovable dogs and cats over the past few years.

fauquier spca dog


Some fabulous dogs right before Valentine’s Day in 2015. Everyone needs a Valentine!








There is always a nice selection of big and little dogs at the shelter, like these. Dogs.


black dog at fauquier spca



There are always lots of Lab mixes and other black dogs at the shelter. Don’t let their dark, good looks fool you, they are just a lovable as their light colored cousins. Loads of Labs!



cats at fauquier spca



While you probably shouldn’t give someone a pet for Christmas, don’t forget the animals waiting at the shelter during the holidays. Holiday season.








Cats have a much lower adoption rate than dogs. Won’t you see if there are any great kitties waiting for you at Fauquier SPCA? Cats.




fauquier spca




Fauquier SPCA has the best employees and volunteers! Check out the dogs and cats.





So, please support the shelter, either through adoption, donation or volunteering. If you’d like to some portraits taken of your great pet, whether from the shelter or somewhere else, please contact us.