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Harper & Bug

During a recent pet portrait session, I got to photograph two lovely dogs, Harper and Bug, for a Christmas present. We shot at the end of November but still had some beautiful foliage. Here they are running down a country lane.    _DSC1112 This is Bug, a Pug Boston Terrier mix. He was definitely cute as a bug.

_DSC3583 And this is Harper, a Sharpei.


This was another best of both session, so we did indoor and outdoor photos.

_DSC3629 _DSC3648


To schedule a session for your beautiful pets, please contact me or visit my portfolio to see more pet portraits. Or to learn more about my pet photography.

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Elly Portrait Session

Many people don’t realize that Salukis come in two varieties: smooth and feathered. OK, many people have no idea what a Saluki is to begin with but that’s a different conversation. Here are a few shots from a mini pet portrait session with Elly, a lovely, young smooth Saluki.





If you’d like to schedule a portrait session with your beautiful dog, contact us! Or learn more about why you need an animal specific photographer for your pet portaits.

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Sassie & Dr B

I met two wonderful dogs, Sassie and Dr B, at a recent pet portrait session.  Sassie is an energetic Australian Shepherd mix who loves agility and frisbees; she’s even going to start herding trials.  dog_frisbee_pet_portraits_warrenton_va


Sassie loved to pose and was the perfect model.  dog_pet_portrait_warrenton_va

This was a best of both worlds session that included studio and outdoor photos.


Dr. B is an older Lab mix who isn’t crazy about having his photo taken and his owner was concerned that he would be ‘unphotogenic’.  I think he looks beautiful, don’t you?dog_portrait_warrenton_va

I especially love him with his owner’s fabulous boots!dog_boot_pet_photography_northern_va


If you’ve ever said you can’t get good photos of your dog, contact us to schedule a pet portrait today. Please visit my portfolio to see more pet portraits or to decide why you need an animal photographer.

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A few weeks ago I was asked if I photograph kids and my response was only if they have four feet. Which just goes to show how quickly time makes you a liar. I recently did some portrait sessions with not only kids but also couples. Here are a few of the photos: