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Warrenton Horse Show

The Warrenton Horse Show is a USEF Heritage Competition and is one of the most fun recognized hunter shows in the area. Thoroughbreds are near and dear to my heart and there is a Thoroughbred division.


Ranier won the Sallie Wheeler National Hunter Breeding Championship for the second time.

sallie_wheeler_hunter_breeding_championship_warrenton_horse_showThe $5000 Hunter Classic always draws some beautiful horses and elegantly turned out riders. hunter_classic_warrenton_horse_show

An anonymous donor gives money to the Fauquier SPCA based on the number of points riders score. So Be It (another TB!) won and Mary Todd accepts the check for the SPCA.fauquier_spca_hunter_classic_warrenton_horse_show

Pets get to enjoy the show too.

pets_warrenton_horse_show   Sunday night saw some pretty incredible rain and ended up a wash out.



Don’t forget, if you’d like your own personal paparazzi at your next horse show, drop me a line. I’ll get great shots of your preparations, warm up, performance and hugs from your friends.

Flint Hill Trail Ride

I was unaware of the annual trail ride to benefit the Flint Hill Volunteer Fire Company until asked to take photos this year but it has been held for the past few years on more than 700 spectacular acres in the Virginia Piedmont region. The gracious land owners host the two day trail ride, permit overnight camping and provide food to the participants. Two trails were marked, one 14 miles and the other 7 miles; some riders finished one, ate lunch at the campsite and went back out to ride the other. Whether you normally show, foxhunt or trail ride, this is definitely an event to put on your calendar for next year.

The first part of the trail was through the woods, with stream crossings.


Then it wound up into the mountains before coming back down.


People rode alone


And with friends. But in all directions the scenery was stunning.


I was fascinated by the camp site where people strung up paddocks with a few sticks and twine. These enclosures wouldn’t have contained my dogs, let alone my horses, yet these horses were content to stay put.


I doubt I’ll be taking photos again next year because I fully intend to ride!

Polo at Morningside

A new 130 acre equestrian training center, Morningside Training Farm, opened last weekend. Morningside provides training facilities for every equestrian discipline: a dressage ring, a ring with stadium jumps, a cross country course, steeplechase national fences, a 5/8 mile track, a regulation size polo field, a lake to swim horses, and an indoor arena.

I am not a fan of arena polo but I do like traditional grass polo and this field is incredible. The size of three football fields, it was carved out of a hillside and is perfectly flat. I am told that they used satellite imagery to level it to within 1/4 inch variance. Did I get that right? One quarter inch is awfully small. There is an irrigation system that moves across the field, taking four hours to complete its job.

With a field that size, I definitely need a longer lens as I could only photograph a small portion of the play but here are a few shots of two local teams, Heart In Hand/Merry Oak vs. Long Lane Farm, playing at Morningside yesterday. These teams are in the 2-4 Goal Grass League.



Elysian Hills Horse Trials 9-12-09

Elysian Hills held another horse trial on September 12. Skies were cloudy and the dry weather made for some dust, but there were many great stadium rounds. Here are a few:

Shannon Crocker and Turck by Lightning. I understand this incredible jumper is for sale.

Petrina Thomas and Porrazo.

Michaela Heckman on Marc Antony

Meredith Kernbach and Braveheart

Kathryn Gilman and Mighty Brown

And the cutest pair of the day, Sydney Quashie and Darlington. When you’re that little 2′ looks pretty big!