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Photographs of adoptable pets at Fauquier SPCA in Casanova, Va.

Everyone Needs a Valentine!

It’s almost Valentines Day and there are some fabulous dogs at Fauquier SPCA just waiting to love you. This is Fudgie Wudgie. OK, I have no idea who gave this charming puppy this name but you can change it when you get her home. pet portrait of a black and tan puppy

And this is Briar Patch. She is a timid soul but an absolute love bug who just wants to be cuddled.

pet portrait of a black and white puppy

This is Luigi. Luigi has a few more miles on him but is a happy, loving boy. He’d do best somewhere with lots of portrait of a tan beagle mix

And last but not lease is Ronnie. This dog is just adorable. pet portrait of a tan beagle mix with heart necklace


Would you like a portrait session for your Valentine’s pet? Contact us! Or do you need more reasons to hire an animal photographer?

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Dogs at Fauquier SPCA

There is a lovely group of dogs at Fauquier SPCA right now. All sizes, shapes, ages and colors. If you don’t see one to your liking now, there is sure to be one soon so keep checking. Here are a few:

shih tzu pet portrait warrenton va



This is Shelvy, a Shih Tzu mix. These are beautiful little dogs.








This is Lucy, some kind of Corgi mix? She’ll be a fun loving companion.





puppy fauquier spca pet photography




This is one of two puppies. There is nothing like watching a puppy grow up if you have the time and circumstances to do it right.











spaniel fauquier spca pet photographyThis is Sallie Mae, a spaniel mix. Spaniels are devoted, loving pets


tri color puppy fauquier spca pet photography





And this is Abby. How can you resist that face?







Fauquier SPCA is located just outside Warrenton, Va. It is a great shelter, but the pets would rather be at home. To see more pet portraits, please visit my portfolio.

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Loads of Labs!

Fauquier SPCA is loaded with Labrador Retrievers so if you’ve been thinking of getting one of these great dogs, head on down to the shelter.

Ace – OK, Ace probably has a little something else mixed in
Annabelle – And Annabelle probably has a lot mixed in, but darn she is cute!
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Holiday Season at Fauquier SPCA

When I was a freshman in college I decided that my parents must miss me and needed company, so I went to the local shelter and got them a puppy for Christmas. What can I say? At 17 I still thought I was the center of the universe. Surprising someone with a pet during the holidays is a monumentally stupid thing to do but in our case, it worked out well and the dog became a happy member of the family. I don’t recommend following my teenage example but if the timing is right for you to add a pet to your household, giving one of the lovely pets at Fauquier SPCA a real home is the best gift ever. Here are a few more cats and kittens that are waiting for their holiday dreams to come true.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful;
My own home would be delightful;
And if you will love me so
Let it snow, let it snow…
Oh, bring me a figgy pudding;
Oh, bring me a figgy pudding;
Oh, bring me a figgy pudding and a lap to sit on…

OK, I’ve eaten a few extra pudding helpings but that just means there is more of me to love.

Santa baby, slip a kittie under the tree, Like me.
I’ve been an awful good girl,
Santa baby, take me down the chimney tonight.

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

If you take me home, you’ll never need to worry about no stirring mice!


Do you see what I see?
A cat, a cat, take him home tonight;
He has a tail as big as a kite;

Ev’rybody knows warm kitties and some mistletoe
Help to make the season bright
Tiny cats with their eyes all aglow
Will find it hard to sleep tonight


Enjoy your holidays!


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Fauquier SPCA – Cats

Besides all the nice dogs available at Fauquier SPCA, they have a whole clowder of cats. Did you know a group of cats is called a ‘clowder’? My browser doesn’t even recognize the term and thinks it’s a misspelling. In any case, there are cats of every description at the SPCA. Some are waiting to hunt mice in your barn while others are waiting to curl up in your lap and purr. If you’ve decided that you don’t need one of their dogs, then surely you need a cat. I photographed approximately 24 cats and only got half way through the list. I’m just going to post a handful of photos to whet your appetite but if none of these appeal to you, be sure to visit the shelter to see lots more.


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Fauquier SPCA

Last week I took portraits of the dogs available for adoption at the Fauquier SPCA and I’ll go back soon to photograph the cats. My hope is that nice portraits on the website, in newspaper ads and in flyers will help these animals find good homes. According to the ASPCA, “Five out of ten dogs in shelters and seven out of ten cats in shelters are destroyed simply because there is no one to adopt them.” A very sad statistic, indeed. What was surprising to me is that half of all animals in the shelters are there because their owners brought them in; I had always assumed that most were strays or seized by Animal Control. If you have any room in your house, space in your heart or a few dollars to donate, please contact the shelter about these great pets.

A good looking beagle mix –

This Rottie was a new arrival and seemed very well behaved –

This Australian Cattle Dog was the test dog for the lighting setup. He was an absolute champ!

There was something about this shepherd mix that I found incredibly appealing. If you want an good looking, athletic dog, this is the one for you.

I’m a sighthound fan and like my dogs tall and lean but how can you resist a character like this?

The workers in the shelter perform a job that I could not do because I would be much too emotionally involved. I admire these folks tremendously.


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