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Love Your Pet Day

It’s National Love Your Pet Day! Today is the official day for pampering your pet with a little extra love and affection to show them just how much you care. Treats, pampering and all the the attention that the little guy or gal can handle are a great way to celebrate! Did you know that most households in the United States have at least one pet? Pets can ease loneliness, reduce stress, promote social interaction, encourage exercise and playfulness, and provide unconditional love and affection. So be sure to give the furry faces in your home an extra big kiss today.

dog photography virginia

Please take a look at some more lovely pets in my pet portrait portfolio.



Who doesn’t love puppies? They are certainly delightful to photograph. Here are a few of my favorite things…

A litter of basset hound puppies. They all sat like little stars waiting for their portrait.


A charming black lab mix puppy. black_puppy_va_pet_photographer

Beagle puppies. Beagles are wonderful models with their sweet expressions.


Another black puppy. I love the sticking out ear.


Another adorable litter of puppies. These have the cutest faces.


And a little puppy that was so tiny she had to be bottle fed. tri_color_puppy_va_pet_portraits


If you’ve got a new puppy and want to remember these precious moments forever, have some pet portraits taken before it’s too late.

Everyone Needs a Valentine!

It’s almost Valentines Day and there are some fabulous dogs at Fauquier SPCA just waiting to love you. This is Fudgie Wudgie. OK, I have no idea who gave this charming puppy this name but you can change it when you get her home. pet portrait of a black and tan puppy

And this is Briar Patch. She is a timid soul but an absolute love bug who just wants to be cuddled.

pet portrait of a black and white puppy

This is Luigi. Luigi has a few more miles on him but is a happy, loving boy. He’d do best somewhere with lots of portrait of a tan beagle mix

And last but not lease is Ronnie. This dog is just adorable. pet portrait of a tan beagle mix with heart necklace


Would you like a portrait session for your Valentine’s pet? Contact us! Or do you need more reasons to hire an animal photographer?

More about Fauquier SPCA.

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Fun in the Snow

The weather report called for rain today but my pups weren’t complaining when it unexpectedly began snowing. Here are some quick shots of their fun in the snow.

Wicker, one of my Salukis, decided to channel his inner mixed martial arts competitor. He started off talking trash to Molly the Labradoodle.dog_snow_northern_va_Photographer_4

Then he tried to bear hug.

dogs_snow_warrenton_va_photographer_1Uh-oh, Molly is gaining judges’ points with the kangaroo hop – the bear hug isn’t working.

dogs_snow_warrenton_va_Photographer_2 So Wicker gears up for a kung-fu kick.

dogs_snow_warrenton_va_photographer_3Better yet, go straight for the kill.


Fizzy, meanwhile, just played airplane.


If you want some action photos of your dogs or horses, contact me!

Harper & Bug

During a recent pet portrait session, I got to photograph two lovely dogs, Harper and Bug, for a Christmas present. We shot at the end of November but still had some beautiful foliage. Here they are running down a country lane.    _DSC1112 This is Bug, a Pug Boston Terrier mix. He was definitely cute as a bug.

_DSC3583 And this is Harper, a Sharpei.


This was another best of both session, so we did indoor and outdoor photos.

_DSC3629 _DSC3648


To schedule a session for your beautiful pets, please contact me or visit my portfolio to see more pet portraits. Or to learn more about my pet photography.

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Elly Portrait Session

Many people don’t realize that Salukis come in two varieties: smooth and feathered. OK, many people have no idea what a Saluki is to begin with but that’s a different conversation. Here are a few shots from a mini pet portrait session with Elly, a lovely, young smooth Saluki.





If you’d like to schedule a portrait session with your beautiful dog, contact us! Or learn more about why you need an animal specific photographer for your pet portaits.

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Sassie & Dr B

I met two wonderful dogs, Sassie and Dr B, at a recent pet portrait session.  Sassie is an energetic Australian Shepherd mix who loves agility and frisbees; she’s even going to start herding trials.  dog_frisbee_pet_portraits_warrenton_va


Sassie loved to pose and was the perfect model.  dog_pet_portrait_warrenton_va

This was a best of both worlds session that included studio and outdoor photos.


Dr. B is an older Lab mix who isn’t crazy about having his photo taken and his owner was concerned that he would be ‘unphotogenic’.  I think he looks beautiful, don’t you?dog_portrait_warrenton_va

I especially love him with his owner’s fabulous boots!dog_boot_pet_photography_northern_va


If you’ve ever said you can’t get good photos of your dog, contact us to schedule a pet portrait today. Please visit my portfolio to see more pet portraits or to decide why you need an animal photographer.

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Dogs at Fauquier SPCA

There is a lovely group of dogs at Fauquier SPCA right now. All sizes, shapes, ages and colors. If you don’t see one to your liking now, there is sure to be one soon so keep checking. Here are a few:

shih tzu pet portrait warrenton va



This is Shelvy, a Shih Tzu mix. These are beautiful little dogs.








This is Lucy, some kind of Corgi mix? She’ll be a fun loving companion.





puppy fauquier spca pet photography




This is one of two puppies. There is nothing like watching a puppy grow up if you have the time and circumstances to do it right.











spaniel fauquier spca pet photographyThis is Sallie Mae, a spaniel mix. Spaniels are devoted, loving pets


tri color puppy fauquier spca pet photography





And this is Abby. How can you resist that face?







Fauquier SPCA is located just outside Warrenton, Va. It is a great shelter, but the pets would rather be at home. To see more pet portraits, please visit my portfolio.

More about Fauquier SPCA.

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Afghan Hound Match

Lots of gorgeous Afghan Hounds at the Potomac Afghan Hound Club and the Richmond Afghan Hound Club specialty match held in Warrenton, Va.Afghan_Hound_Pet_Photography_northern_va


These dogs make the best photography models with their elegance and grace. My hair should look so good.

Afghan_Hound_pet_portrait_northern_va  Afghan_Hound_Photography_Warrenton_va

A happy winner.


Besides conformation, they also had lure coursing


and agility practice.

Afghan Hound Agility Practice Photography in Warrenton Va

Loads of Labs!

Fauquier SPCA is loaded with Labrador Retrievers so if you’ve been thinking of getting one of these great dogs, head on down to the shelter.

Ace – OK, Ace probably has a little something else mixed in
Annabelle – And Annabelle probably has a lot mixed in, but darn she is cute!
More about Fauquier SPCA.
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