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Fine art note cards of horses, foxhunting, dogs, wildlife and more

I’ve offered note cards with my images for a long time but primarily through local brick and mortar stores and art galleries. I have now opened an Etsy store to sell note cards and other items, so even if you are not in Virginia, you will be able to find my cards. There are so many stores on Etsy that it was difficult to get the exact name that I wanted, but I finally came up with ElegantAnimalImages. You can find it here. I’m still working on policies and the profile but I have started adding cards. The cards are all printed on heavy card stock, come with an envelope and are in their own plastic sleeve. As you might imagine, they are all about animals: horses, dogs, cats, foxes, coyote, etc. There are foxhunting scenes, horses in the snow, horse racing and steeplechase. Most are my photos but some are my watercolor sketches.

Here are a few of the images:





A big, beautiful chestnut horse running in deep snow. Perfect for a holiday card!











Kittens peeking out of a basket.









Foxhunting in autumn – horses, hounds and foliage










Foxhunting with an old world flavor.







From a watercolor painting of an orange cat face.












Watercolor sketch of a setter mix.











So if you’d like some note cards, please visit Elegant Animal Images

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