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Fun in the Snow

The weather report called for rain today but my pups weren’t complaining when it unexpectedly began snowing. Here are some quick shots of their fun in the snow.

Wicker, one of my Salukis, decided to channel his inner mixed martial arts competitor. He started off talking trash to Molly the Labradoodle.dog_snow_northern_va_Photographer_4

Then he tried to bear hug.

dogs_snow_warrenton_va_photographer_1Uh-oh, Molly is gaining judges’ points with the kangaroo hop – the bear hug isn’t working.

dogs_snow_warrenton_va_Photographer_2 So Wicker gears up for a kung-fu kick.

dogs_snow_warrenton_va_photographer_3Better yet, go straight for the kill.


Fizzy, meanwhile, just played airplane.


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