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Dogs at Fauquier SPCA

There is a lovely group of dogs at Fauquier SPCA right now. All sizes, shapes, ages and colors. If you don’t see one to your liking now, there is sure to be one soon so keep checking. Here are a few:

shih tzu pet portrait warrenton va



This is Shelvy, a Shih Tzu mix. These are beautiful little dogs.








This is Lucy, some kind of Corgi mix? She’ll be a fun loving companion.





puppy fauquier spca pet photography




This is one of two puppies. There is nothing like watching a puppy grow up if you have the time and circumstances to do it right.











spaniel fauquier spca pet photographyThis is Sallie Mae, a spaniel mix. Spaniels are devoted, loving pets


tri color puppy fauquier spca pet photography





And this is Abby. How can you resist that face?







Fauquier SPCA is located just outside Warrenton, Va. It is a great shelter, but the pets would rather be at home. To see more pet portraits, please visit my portfolio.

More about Fauquier SPCA.

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