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January Photo a Day Challenge

I have joined with nearly 40 other photographers around the world in challenging myself to take a photograph every day in 2011. I don’t know whether I’ll make it through the entire year but I did complete January. I am posting a selection of shots from January here:

This was a still life from January 1st
Fooling around with the camera on Jan 2nd to create an equine abstract.

Horse shoes on Jan 11, after a visit from the farrier.
Working on sunlight ‘stars’ on Jan 13


A slice of lime on Jan 22nd
“I have one last nerve and you are standing on it.” My dogs on Jan 27

Sunset behind a barn on Jan 30

_DSC0947_blogThe group has a humorous approach for those days when you are laying in bed and realize that you’ve forgotten to take a photo; you lean over and take a shot of your slippers.


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