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Dawn at Long Branch

I got up early this morning to be out at Historic Long Branch by 6am. It was dark for most of the drive but I was expecting a sunrise similar to the lovely one I watched yesterday from my window at work. To my chagrin it was very foggy in Millwood and as time passed I worried that the sunrise was going to be completely overcast.


It stayed misty but fortunately cleared enough for the sun to break through.


Long Branch is an historic mansion built in 1805 and some eighty horses live on the grounds in a beautiful environment.


This morning, the horses were very stirred up and curious about activity in the neighborhood. The very fat bay on the left is mine.


It turned out that today was the first day of cubbing for Blue Ridge Hunt and they were hunting all around Long Branch.


The hounds picked up scent and I think they may have put a fox to ground. I left my car in the middle of the road to grab some shots as the hounds ran by.


The weather service is predicting temperatures in the 90s next week but if foxhunting has begun, I guess it’s officially autumn!

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