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Bull Run Point-to-Point

With back to back races the fields were small and the photographers tired. The jockeys probably were too but they are younger and fitter than most of the photographers. Bull Run Hunt always hosts an entertaining day of family fun and this year was no exception. More photos are available on Susan M. Carter Photography.

Harry’s Crown and Sam Cockburn come on the outside around Meet at Eleven (Ire) with Todd McKenna in the novice rider flat race. Harry’s Crown went on to win.

Sam also won the amateur/novice rider hurdle race on Meshwaar.

The sky made a beautiful backdrop to Swimming River and Ben Garner before the open flat race.
Jeff Murphy and Liverpool Gloves won the maiden hurdle.

Jacob Roberts and Hey Doctor won the novice timber.

Sam Cockburn rode heavy draft horse, Granite, to second place in a field of light drafts. Quite a change from his usual mounts!


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Piedmont Point-to-Point

In the blink of an eye the weather went from¬†cold, snow and rain to glorious sunshine at the Piedmont Fox Hounds point-to-point races. The temperature was around 70 but there was still a patch of snow in one gully to remind us of just how harsh the winter has been. This time I’m posting a variety of images from the day, not just winners. To see lots more, please visit Susan M. Carter Photography.

Salem race course in Upperville, Va is one of the prettiest courses on the point-to-point circuit with several picturesque stone walls. Here, Ordered To Listen with Chris Read (left) and Justpourit (Ire) with George Hundt, Jr jump up from the lower side of the wall in the maiden timber race.

After an absence of six years from the steeplechase scene, former champion jockey, Gus Brown, rode Radio Flyer (Ire) (left) to a win in the Rokeby Challenge Bowl. Endless Mountain and Ben Garner came in second.

Meanwhile, Crypto Cousin decided to see if he could fly and took Pat Cooney along for the ride.

In between races, Jeff Murphy modeled the latest in body protection; I think we’ll see it on the catwalk soon.

I missed Ben Garner’s best photo op when he locked his keys in the trunk (or in his case the boot) and spent much of the day trying to get them out. I’m told he eventually bludgeoned the car into submission and it gave them up.

The beautiful people come to the races to see and be seen. Ladies wear hats and tailgates are elaborate. Here is what the well dressed Saluki wears in public.


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