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A Few More in the Snow

We had a record setting snowstorm here in Virginia last weekend. This time getting out to shoot while it was snowing was not possible so these were taken a few days later. Horses in snow in Virginia’s Piedmont.



A last beam of sunlight before darkness fell.


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Photo Challenge

The Equine Photographer’s Network conducted a photo-a-day challenge for its members in November. Each day participants had to take an equine related photograph to match that day’s theme and post it within 24 hours. It was incredibly difficult, not only to think of a subject for each theme but to also deal with weather, short deadlines and early nightfall at this time of year. There were a number of cold, dark evenings after coming home from work that I nearly threw in the towel. But I did make it to the end and I’ve created a slide show with all of my photos. It may take a while to download, so please be patient.

Fine art equine images, horse photograph

For fine art photography please visit the Fine Art gallery at Susan M. Carter Photography.

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Snowy Day

We haven’t had a lot of snow for the past few years so when we do get some, I rush out to take photos. We got approximately five inches on Saturday but it is nearly all melted already.

My friend’s horses enjoyed the snow.

As did her Collie puppy

And my own dogs too


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