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Another Morning at Long Branch

I spent another sunrise at Historic Long Branch with the retirees.







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Elysian Hills Horse Trials 9-12-09

Elysian Hills held another horse trial on September 12. Skies were cloudy and the dry weather made for some dust, but there were many great stadium rounds. Here are a few:

Shannon Crocker and Turck by Lightning. I understand this incredible jumper is for sale.

Petrina Thomas and Porrazo.

Michaela Heckman on Marc Antony

Meredith Kernbach and Braveheart

Kathryn Gilman and Mighty Brown

And the cutest pair of the day, Sydney Quashie and Darlington. When you’re that little 2′ looks pretty big!

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Retirees at Historic Long Branch

Since the early 18th century, the rolling hills of the Long Branch estate have been owned by a series of famous men: Lord Culpeper, Lord Fairfax, and Robert “King” Carter. A young George Washington helped to survey the property. The mansion and grounds are now open to the public and the 400 acre farm is home to approximately 85 horses. Here are some of the residents on a misty morning at sunrise.








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