Blue Ridge Point to Point

The Virginia point to point season now begins with Blue Ridge in March instead of Casanova in February. A lot of rain during the week leading up to the races made the footing very nice. I had expected it to be soggy so I can only imagine how hard it would have been without the drenching rains. You can find more photos from the races on Susan M. Carter Photography.

So Amazing (Ire), ridden by Ross Geraghty, beat two hurdle stakes winners to win the open hurdle race.

Sam Cockburn and Meshwaar were the Virginia Steeplechase Association Amateur/Novice Hurdle champions in 2010 and they started the season off right with another win.
The Novice Timber race featured three horses making their first start over timber. Thynnus, ridden by Chris Read, was the youngest with the least racing experience but still won. He was jumping like a deer, although he is named for a fish – a tuna to be precise!
BK’s Double Jade, by contrast, has years of experience over hurdles and hasn’t yet figured out that he needs a different style over solid jumps. His young jockey, Gus Dahl, did a good job.

Mary Motion and Orpington have been cleaning up in the Junior Fieldmaster Chase for the past couple of years but now she has moved up to the regular races. This was her first race over jumps and she won the Foxhunter Timber race. You go, girl!
I almost didn’t recognize Pat Cooney (left) without a big red apple on his chest. He pointed out that I couldn’t have gotten any good photos because I had none of him since he wasn’t riding. So now I have at least one good photo from the meet.
Legend the yellow lab is ready to enter the races with the big boys. He doesn’t know he is small. 🙂


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